The Preferred Observer

The Preferred Observer by Matthew Bruce Alexander (Science Fiction)

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The last great war ravaged the Earth, but what followed killed even more: The Rouge. Governments across the world are desperate to stop the plague, brought to Earth from Martian microbes. But in an effort to save Mankind, how far is too far?

A motley group of people get swept up by events. Their paths cross and recross, and their actions affect others in ways they could never have foreseen. A man who should not be in the present, an orphan girl without a home, an android who begins to think independently, a psychiatric patient who was once an insider, a woman who somehow survived The Rouge, an honorable hitman and an escort with access to sensitive secrets all have a role to play. But when they get a glimpse of the truth, it may be more than they are willing to accept…

Withur We

Wĭthûr Wē by Matthew Bruce Alexander (Science Fiction)

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Centuries hence, Man, seemingly alone in the universe, slowly spreads his civilizations across his corner of the galaxy. Tyrants vie for power, and in their fierce grip the colonies of the Milky Way are suffocating. In this society of many billions, a young marine, a highly trained war hero, returns home from his tour of duty. Physically powerful yet shy, awkward and unable to sway the masses with pretty speeches, Alistair Ashley 3nn makes a decision to strike at the hierarchy the only way he can. His decision starts him on a grand adventure, and as he is carried along by forces beyond his control, he comes to confront an ancient secret, one which may reveal Humanity’s future.